Music Overview

The Louvre wanted a tune that could bring together an Arabic feel, youth, and a touch of experimentalism. The references given to us were in three different spheres. One was a very modern experimental piece, similar to contemporary art. The other one was a very typical Arabic tune. And another one was a young trap beat. So, the solution was to bring those elements together.

The Instruments

The Arabic core instruments were basically performed by a Santur (a hammered string instrument), and a Duduk (a flute that has a connection to the Mid-East). We had electronic drum machines in the youth core to make the beats, some pads, and processed choirs. And in the experimental core, we had an almost full orchestra, not because the orchestra is experimental, but because the union of those cores could sound experimental with the orchestra being the glue. The result was surprisingly good.

The Scales

The main theme was developed, of course, using the musical intervals of the Arabic scale. This brought the Mid-East feeling to the tune and served as a good glue to bind together the different cores of instruments.

Sound Design

The sound design was responsible for creating the sounds of the moving particles that were compositing the pieces of art. We used many whooshes and brushes and a great job of automation to create the sense of spatialization
of the sounds.

Isolated Tracks Details

Experience a version of the video with just the music and sound design tracks. We can hear and "see" many cool audio details of the soundscape.