Project Details

This audio work (music composition & sound design) was developed for the great company called RELOOP.


RELOOP is an initiative to help you buy and sell Pre-Loved Premium Fashion. Because well designed item deserves more than one life. Every day we decide about what to wear. We need to start deciding to design and live with re-use in mind. From the fabrics and cleaning products we use, to the way we consume.

Sound Design Details

The Sound Design developed aimed at bringing the soundscape of a small clothing factory during the video. The songs used, including the whooshes were all fabric related. And at the end, as shown in this post, you can just imagine the scenario while the images are showing other ways that we can optimize the clothes usage. 

Music Details

The music brought together some “old instruments” such as orchestral strings with "new ones" like synths and pads. This idea reinforces the RELOOP approach to the reuse of clothing, transforming the old into new.


Art Direction: Marlon Müller

Design: Marlon Müller

Animation: Diego Loz

Narrator: Bethany Cutmore-Scott

Music Composer & Sound Design: Gabriel A. Maia

Audio Post-Production: IMAGEAUDIO

Produced by Hype Studio