Music Overview

At the time of production of this work, COVID-19 was new to everyone. We sought to focus on a song with a simple structure and few instruments, but one that could handle the different, the new, and the unusual. In order to achieve our goal, we used two main points: 1) the instrument, and 2) the musical scale used.

The Instruments

The chosen instrument was the Hang Drum which, in addition to its “sci-fi” look and its spatial sound, is an instrument 'recently' created by a Swiss couple in 2001. Its timbre, shape, and metallic material managed to bring with certainty an unusual sound.

The Scales

The unusual and new sound of Hang Drum was reinforced by the musical scale. We used a typical scale of the instrument: the Integral Scale. This is a scale that brings an air of novelty and mystery at the same time. Something that matched well with the topic that was being addressed.

Sound Design

With Sound Design we look for non-realistic, futuristic, and spatial sounds, also following the same line of sounds that could create an atmosphere of something new. The details of each sound brought to life many scenes and abstract movements.

Isolated Tracks Details

Experience a version of the video with just the music and sound design tracks. We can hear and "see" many cool audio details of the soundscape.