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When we were asked to compose the original soundtrack and sound design for the TED-Ed video, we were very happy and content. It is a great responsibility to be able to meet the demands of a client as expressive as TED-Ed and Hype Animation.


We seek to focus on a simple structure song. The musical focus was based on the choice of the instrument and the musical scale used. The Hang Drum, in addition to its “alien” look and its spatial sound, is a super new instrument that was created by a Swiss couple in 2001.


This unusual and new sound from Hang Drum managed to account for the new theme that the video addresses. Along with the choice of the instrument, the musical scale was very important as well. We use a typical scale of the instrument: the Integral Scale. This is a scale that in the western tonal system would be equivalent to a Natural Minor scale without the 4th Degree. And that simple detail gives a very interesting color in terms of atmosphere.


Final and main customer of this project. Educational platform with countless high quality content transmitted through excellent arts, animations, narrations, music and sound effects.

Hype Animation

Animation studio with internationally recognized works including NETFLIX. Click on the link and see the wonderful works of this great studio.

Luísa Holanda

Project director. Technical and artistic responsible for each line and each animation that is possible to see in this beautiful work. Illustrator, animator, art director with numerous works of great global reach.


Responsible for all soundtrack that was composed specifically for this video and for all sound effects that "paint" the scene of this video as well. We chose to bring a sci-fi and spatial aesthetic with the use of hang-drum.

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