Sounds tell stories. And storytellers know one of life's biggest secrets. We learn much more and much better through emotions and feelings.

Music is a narrative and so are sounds. Sounds can elucidate, highlight, deepen, translate, elevate, reveal, build a spectrum so wide of feelings and emotions that make the soundscape as integral and as important as the visual landscape.

When orinal music and sound design happen in a well-orchestrated way, it is possible to perceive the sounds giving colors to the words, the sounds giving texture to the images, the sounds giving life to the movements, the sounds opening doors in the feelings, and the sounds giving fullness and concreteness to a narrative.


That is the beauty of sounds for us. And that’s why we do what we do.





Gabriel is a creative person. Since childhood has skills with sounds, and by the age of 5 he created his first “podcast”. Later, he discovered that he could paint with sounds and said: I will be a sound painter. Even though he was not aware at that time about audio production.

Gabriel is also a great guy when it comes to technical issues, numbers, right mastering levels, engineer solutions, and everything related to technical issues.

Using music to create atmospheres or using sounds to create sonic experiences from the real or unreal world, Gabriel found a door to open and bring his colors to life. Using many audio tools his love is in creating soundscapes, for every image in the world has its own sound. And since art mimics life the soundscape of a piece must be artistic too.



With experience in studio and live engineering, Nikolas has skills that every audio professional should bring together with analog and digital mixers. Music festivals, sound art concerts, and theater plays, or inside the studio are great.


The Master in Sound Production and Technologies that he is doing in Lisbon is fostering his knowledge and skills in Pro Tools, Logic Pro X, Izotope RX, Dolby Atmos, Dante AoIP, and much other software, to great levels.

Nikolas is also a professional musician, and, besides that, his ability to engineer solutions, and everything related to numbers is one of his great assets. Either in creative solutions or solving and polishing technical issues, right mastering levels and everything related to numbers in the music & sound field is Nikolas' natural ambiance.  

REEL 2021