We work to compose music and orchestrate sounds so that they can create mental images: the result is a visual experience expanded by the auditory elements.

Music and Sound Design are storytellers too. And storytellers know one of life's biggest secrets. We learn much more and much better through the emotions and feelings that stories provide us.

Music is a narrative and so are sounds. Sounds can elucidate, highlight, deepen, translate, elevate, reveal, build a spectrum so wide of feelings and emotions that makes the soundscape as integral and as important as the visual landscape.


That is the beauty of sounds for us. And that is why we do what we do!


We perform some readings of the main story and its excerpts and a reading of the visual arts and their movements.

So, we compose the songs specifically for each video, trying to create the right atmosphere and emotions for the whole of each video and for its specific parts.

Another factor that we appreciate is the timing between the times of music and sound design in relation to images and movements.

This whole set is modulated by the arrangements and instrumentation choices that translate and highlight each section of the narrative according to the atmosphere and emotion desired in a given section and in the whole of the work.

These groups of sounds, then, like music, sound design, voice over and speech are orchestrated and arranged in a way that creates an auditory scenario for the work: the soundscape. And with that we achieve a visual experience expanded by the auditory elements. And the narrative force of the story becomes more solid.

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