Music Overview

The visual art direction and illustrations were set to create a cartoon environment. The powerful colors and strong personality of the main character were set to bring a dynamic and funny direction. A similar north was sought by the musical concept. We developed 2 tunes. One, more like a band format with a heist-film-style song. And another with a lot of synthesizers bringing some of the 90’s electronic music references to match
the visual.

The Instruments

The core of the rock band consisted of drums, bass, and guitar. The electronic music core included synthesizers, drum machines, and narrative instrument insertions such as a Church Organ, an Oriental Koto, and Native American Flutes and Percussion.

The Scales

The major and pentatonic scales were the main lines of the songs. And some little insertions of oriental scales for narrative purposes. The design of the tunes was toward a very rhythmic 90’s electronic style with some heist-film style.

Sound Design

The sound design was directed to create the cartoon environment. A trace of funny moments was enhanced in some parts and the overall movements were designed to relate to the strong rhythm of the animation and music.

Isolated Tracks Details

Experience a version of the video with just the music and sound design tracks. We can hear and "see" many cool audio details of the soundscape.