Director, writer and producer: @aloofness
Character & Prop Design: @perkisaur
Background Design and Story Artist: @samshawdraws
Rigging Animation and Compositing: @danielkeebleart
Assistant Director : @louisdoodles
Animation: @bealorart

Music and Sound Design: @gabriel.aydos.maia & Imageaudio

Music Overview

This wonderful work from the studio Sun&Moon directed by Nia Alavezos was such a joy to be part of. The music was composed to be the music track and at the same time the sound design. The director Nia asked us if the music could be the SFX of the video. That was a huge challenge, but the result got amazing! 

The Instruments

Since the Director asked us to create a Jazz piece, the standard Jazz setup was used. A Bass, Drums, and Piano were the main core and powerhouse of the songs. Some other spices were added to enhance the narrative too.