Music Overview

The visual art direction and illustrations were set to create characters and signs to relate to each language and dialect.  The same approach was sought by the musical concept. Each language and dialect has its own set of instruments that are related to their original geography and history.


Educator: Martin Hilpert

Director: Luísa M H Copetti & Hype CG
Narrator: Addison Anderson
Composer and Sound Designer: Gabriel Maia & Imageaudio
Storyboard Artist: Luísa M H Copetti

Animator: Murilo Jardim

Hype Producer: Taíla Soliman

Executive Creative Director: Logan Smalley

Produced by: Gerta Xhelo & Bethany Cutmore-Scott

Editorial Director: Alex Rosenthal

Editorial Producer: Cella Wright

Script Editor: Alex Gendler