Music Details Part 1

The name of the music composition we created for this work is called Lili's Pahu. Pahu is a traditional and ancient drum from Hawaii and the Polynesian people. Besides that, this instrument is representing Queen Lili's heart, which is the center of the narrative.

In addition to that, in many parts where we have a reference to her people, we also used native percussive instruments and The Conch (Triton Shell) to represent the people from Hawaii and their connection to the queen. The Conch is a seashell that the Polynesian people used as an instrument.

Music Details Part 2

The narrative also counterpoints the U.S. explorers that took control of Hawaii at some part of history. In order to represent them, we used instruments more commonly associated with the U.S. One of the main instruments that represented them is, for example, a guitar.

Music Details Part 3

Beyond the thoughtful selection of the instruments, the emotions that are highlighted throughout the musical narrative are very rich and bespoke to best fit each part of the story. Among many examples, we can highlight a very touchy moment where Queen Lili is imprisoned. In this part, we used a soft voice and a ukulele to bring an emotional and sensitive tune to show her isolation and love for her people.


Director & Illustrator & Storyboard: @luisa_copetti 
Composer & Sound Designer: @gabriel.aydos.maia
Animators: @murilojardim.animator 
Recorded: @imageaudio.com.br
Educator: Sydney Iaukea
Narrator: Alexandra Panzer
Hype Producer: Taíla Soliman
Executive Creative Director: Logan Smalley
Produced by: Gerta Xhelo and Bethany Cutmore-Scott
Editorial Director: Alex Rosenthal
Script Producer: Cella Wright
Script Editor: Iseult Gillespie