Music Overview

Animation produced for the TED Education platform. This is the story of Rasputin, known as the “Mad Monk,” who was assassinated for his involvement with the Russian monarchy.

The music was very orchestral with some hip-hop beat insertions and Russian folklore music for narrative purposes. The tone brought some references from Tchaikovsky (the Nutcracker) and Danny Elfman's perspective,
mixing mystery and comedy.

The Instruments

The orchestral part used a small orchestra setup. For the Hip Hop part, we used synthesizers, drum machines, and pads. And for the Russian-folklore-style song, we used some accordion, tuba, cimbalom, and hand clapping.

Sound Design

Besides the parts that sought to enhance a funny and cartoon tone, the other sounds were built, bringing the approximation to the realistic sounds of the events represented in the video.

Isolated Tracks Details

Experience a version of the video with just the music and sound design tracks. We can hear and "see" many cool audio details of the soundscape.

Isolated Tracks Details