Project Overview

This amazing trip inside the ‘Wine Harvest’, a 17th-century painting of David Teniers, was a wonderful job to be part of. The creation of a 3D scenario from the painting allowed the viewer to get a closer look at many of the scenes depicted in the painting. The close-ups and movements of the camera give focus to each scene. Although the camera movements are wonderful, the characters are not animated and that is the part where the sound design plays a central role to give more strength to the visual narrative that was built.

Sound Design

The soundscape asked for a whole scenario of a wine harvest that the picture is showing. Men shouting, fixing barrels, rising glasses, and people around the temple of Bacchus. Women and their children, a dog, a man puking, a beautiful river running its course, and all the vividness that Teniers captures in this over 2.5m wide piece.

Isolated Tracks Details

Experience a version of the video with just the sound design track. We can hear and "see" many cool audio details of the soundscape.